June 19, 2024

Opening exhibition, Vintervikens Trädgårdskafé, Gröndal


Opening: 18:00

19:00, Perfomance with Mikael Marin, violinist and musician


May 2023

"Home exhibition", outdoors, Gröndal strand



Oct 29 2022

Release of "Vaggsånger för vuxna"

(Lullabies for grownups)

Art film produced in collaboration with musician Mikael Marin

April-May 2022

"Home exhibition", outdoors, Gröndal strand



April 2022

DesignLadan Smedstorp

May 2021

"Home exhibition", outdoors, Gröndal strand

"VISIO" + "Seashore 1"


April 2021

"Home exhibition", outdoors, Gröndal strand

"Ice "+ "Mira 0-"

13 April - 11 May 2019

Tyresö Konsthall

"Dit orden inte når" (Beyond words)

Pictures with themes from more than 30 years of photographic work


January 12 - 20, 2019

Edsvik Konsthall

"With roots in Latvia"

An art exhibition by artists with Latvian roots residing in Sweden


November 3 - December 2, 2018

Edsvik Konsthall

Black Star, Group exhibition with 20 contemporary Swedish and International artists.



November 1-4, 2017

Participation in the 10:th European Public Health Conference at Stockholmsmässan with the GLOBAL PHOTO PROJECT.


September 24 - October 16

Väsby Konsthall

A retrospective with images from series from the 80ies until recent work


March 21 - May 29, 2016

Moving Art Project

My triptyche Bridge #1 has been selected by jury to take part of the touring Art Exhibition Moving Art Project and will be presented in ten Swedish cities during Spring 2016


August 2-30, 2015

Group Exhbition at Stjärnholm church

"Främlingen", Stjärnholm Sculpture Parc in collaboration with Konstfack, University college of Arts, Crafts and Design


June 12-28, 2015

Group exhibition at Färgfabriken, Stockholm

"Främlingen", Final exhibition, course in Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design


November 2014

Exhibition at Bergagalleriet, Bergshamra, Stockholm with the series Människans ansikte / GLOBAL PHOTO PROJECT-Bishkek. 75 portraits of citizens of Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan were exhibited in a gallery linked with an old-age home.


October 2014

Exhibition at Maggan, Gamla Enskede, Stockholm with the series "Bridges".


Autumn 2014

Attending course in Konstfack, Stockholm. Främlingen.


June 25, 2014

Interview with Göran Segeblad in Bildradion. See Links.


June 2014

Finished course in 3D Graphic design with 3Ds Max at Linnéuniversitet.


June 2014

Finished course in Konstfack. Perception, color, light and space. The final project focused on visualization techniques for complex artistic ideas in public space.


April 26, May 10, May 24, 2014

Leading the course "Ditt fotografiska projekt" , Your Photo Project. Designed to support the participants to develop further a personal visual language and deepen the artistic awareness. Location Ivars' studio, Odenplan, Stockholm.


April 10, 2014

Lecture on "Ljus, mörker och inspiration", Light, Darkness and Inspiration. A collaboration with CFF and SFF. Gallery CFF, Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm. 18.30-20.00 pm.


Autumn 2013

Attending course in Konstfack. Perception, color, light and space.


Autumn 2013

Attending course in Linnéuniversitet. 3D Graphic design.


June 2013

Attended course in Konstfack. Intaglio and Photo Polymer printing.


May 22-June 14:th 2013

Exhibition of Working title: VISIO at Instituto Cervantes, Stockholm. Parts of a material photographed in Barcelona for a book project.


April 25-May 1:st 2013

Group exhibition at Konstnärshuset "Transition - Konstnärliga forskningsprocesser". Presenting the research from the course in Konstfack last year.


April 2013

Finished course in Konstfack, Going public. Art in public space.


Feb 2013

Supermarket/Kulturhuset. Art Lab Gnesta/Research. Presentation of GLOBAL PHOTO PROJECT


September-October, 2012

Exhibition in Falsterbo Konsthall with pictures of seashores from Falsterbo and from Kerala, Southern India. 12 photographs from the series "ICE", was also be presented. A joint exhibition with glass artist Jonas Rooth.


September 2012

The teachings at Berghs SoC continues after summer holidays. A new, daytime-course, the 8:th, begins prallell with the evening courses already started in Spring.


August 16-18, 2012

Södertörn University, Center for Studies in Practical Knowledge, arranged an International Conference on Empathy. "What is empathy and what do we need it for". I was invited as keynote speaker to present the "GLOBAL PHOTO PROJECT". The Center's aim is to bring together researchers in Philosophy and Psychology with practioners.

Psychologist Linda Hellquist's report from the conference


June 2012

Attended course in Konstfack. Concrete casting.


June 2012

Finished course in Konstfack, Konstnärliga forskningsprocesser


July 2011

Exhibition in Pietrabruna, Liguria in Italy. "Serata culturale italo-svedese", "La spiaggia, Il ghiaccio!"


June 2011

Exhibition at Strömstad SPA&Resort. "Sand, strand & is"


April 2011

Exhibition in Vik, Österlen at "Apan och Klyset" during "Konstrundan". "Sand, strand & Is".

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